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11 weeks pregnant.

Just days away from the 12 week milestone, and time definitely feels like it’s going more quickly this time. I think we’ve pretty much just started telling whomever at this point. I know 12 weeks is the “safe point,” but I doubt a few days makes a difference. Still won’t be telling work for a little while since there are a few things up in the air with my job, and not telling work means we won’t be doing a Facebook announcement anytime soon either. Really hate keeping secrets and it’s getting harder to hide physically. Which brings me to…

Mama is looking pregnant. I know most of it is still bloat and guts being displaced, but I definitely have a small bump on my lower abdomen. Still getting occasional waves of nausea, but nothing major. Looks like I may have lucked out this time around in that department. Boobs are a little more sore now and I’m still tired, but maybe not quite as tired as I was before.

Weight: Up 0.6 lbs. this week for a total weight gain now of 1.8 lbs.

Cravings: Nothing specific, though sweets of all kinds sound good.

Baby is the size of a lime this week. Or a strawberry, depending on what app/website you’re looking at. Or about 2 inches if you’re looking to get more specific. Toothbuds and genitals are on the agenda this week. Really looking forward to finding out what we’re having. Even though this pregnancy feels totally different, my gut still says another boy. But my gut was wrong last time, so who knows. Honestly, I’d be happy with either. I’d love to have the chance to experience being a girl mom, but boys are pretty awesome and I know Theo would love having a little brother. Honestly, the biggest downfall to having another boy will be picking another boy name. I felt like we exhausted every boy name last time. But if that’s the biggest of my worries, I’ll count myself pretty blessed.

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