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12 weeks pregnant.

12 weeks – a big milestone and it still doesn’t really feel real. Our next appointment is on Thursday at 13 weeks. Normally this is when I’d be getting the NT scan, but like last time, we’ve opted out. On the one hand, I’d love to have the extra ultrasound and get another look at baby, but I don’t like that the testing only gives you your chance of chromosomal abnormalities and not an actual diagnosis. In other words, you could be told you have a 1 in 10,000 or a 1 in 40 chance of having a baby with Down Syndrome or one of the other trisomies. I feel like any odds they could give me, I’d just worry over. So like last time, we’re moving forward on the optimistic assumption that everything is okay. We’ll find out more at our anatomy scan on August 20, anyway. I guess I’d rather just live in ignorant bliss unless/until I’m given reason otherwise.

In other news, I’ve decided to tell work after our appointment this week. Originally I was going to wait until after I figured out what was happening with my job — I’m currently on a 1-year contract but a permanent role opened up on my team and my boss is encouraging me to apply — but I’ve heard the hiring process can sometimes take months. Hiding it for a few more weeks until I have an offer in-hand would be one thing, but there’s no way I can hide it for much longer. I already have to be careful about my wardrobe. Case in point? I thought this wrap dress was loose enough, and black is slimming, right? Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror…


IMG_5946Yeah… :/

Baby: This week baby is the size of a plum, about 2.1 inches. Most critical systems are formed, and he/she is about to enter the growth and maturation stage. Baby now has reflexes and will move if you poke him/her. In fact, today I was wearing some pants that were a bit tight in the waist and I was sitting, which means they were digging in a bit, and I could have sworn I felt a bit of fluttering against the pressure of my waistband. I think it’s probably too early and it was just gas or something, but it really felt identical to baby flutters and it got me excited.

Mama: Other than feeling fat, I’m feeling pretty good. Still peeing multiple times per night, and my boobs have gotten sore over the last few days, but all things considered, I think I got lucky that the first trimester is almost over and I never really got morning sickness that bad this time. My biggest complaint these days is that my legs are so itchy!! I honestly have no idea whether that’s a pregnancy symptom, a thyroid symptom or completely unrelated, though.

Weight: Up 1.2 lbs this week for a total gain now of 3 lbs. I feel like I look more than 3 lbs. heavier, though.

Cravings: Nothing specific or consistent, but I’ve come to realize I’m just easily influenced in pregnancy. Like someone mentions something and I just HAVE to have it. Sometimes it’s ice cream. Sometimes it’s cheese. Sometimes it’s pickles. But it’s always urgent!


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