The Snowball Effect

Let’s refinish our hardwood floors!

Hmm… as long as we’re refinishing the hardwoods, let’s rip out the carpet and extend the hardwoods throughout, including up the stairs.

Except now the stair rail doesn’t match. We should probably redo that while we’re at it.

Of course, we’ll need a stair runner so Theo doesn’t hurt himself.

And as long as the appliances are out of the kitchen because of the floors, maybe we should just go ahead and replace them.

Before we put the new appliances in, now is probably the time to redo the backsplash.

Except, before we tile, we should probably paint the kitchen.

Come to think of it, the whole house really needs painting.

But before we paint, we should fix the drywall.

As long as we’re painting, let’s replace all the baseboards with white trim.

And paint the crown molding to match.

Hmm… now all that white trim doesn’t match the doors. Better replace those.

Of course, we’ll need a new rug for the living room now that we have hardwood floor in there.

Should probably get new couches that go with the rug.

Maybe we’ll build a window seat instead of replacing the love seat.

With the new living room arrangement, everything would really flow a lot better if we mounted that TV.

You know, TVs are so cheap these days, let’s just upgrade our TV while we’re at it.

The dining room set doesn’t really go with anything anymore. Better replace that.

Oh and let’s finally finish the deck we started over a year ago.

…and that’s how you accidentally remodel your whole house.


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