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It’s a boy!

We had our anatomy scan yesterday, and everything looked great!! I was very nervous going into the ultrasound, and it didn’t help that it was in the same office where we had been sent with our last pregnancy to confirm the miscarriage. In fact, when I checked in, the receptionist looked at my chart and cheerily said to me, “Oh, looks like you were here about a year ago!” Ouch. Between the nerves and the painful reminder, it was hard to fight back tears while sitting in the waiting room. But we got called back and soon I was able to see my wiggling baby on the screen – who looked much more recognizably human than last ultrasound!

The ultrasound tech was great, and explained everything we were looking at in lots of detail. She said that baby was measuring right on track for my gestation, and that the heart, brain, stomach, kidneys, etc. all looked great. And, as you can see by the title, we are officially on team blue! I was shocked. I had this gut feeling we were having a girl, but there was no denying he is all boy! The tech was able to determine that this baby had come from my right ovary, which is of zero significance, but I thought it was interesting that she could tell. She also pointed out that I have an anterior placenta, which isn’t a concern, but explains why I haven’t been feeling much movement yet. That was comforting to know, and to see for myself that baby is definitely moving a lot, even if I’m not feeling much. He was wiggling all over the screen during the scan, kicking his legs over his head and sucking his thumb. It was very cute. My cervix was still measuring long and closed, which was a relief, as I was previously told I have a slightly elevated risk of incompetent cervix, due to a LEEP procedure I had done about 10 years ago. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be an issue, though I will continue to be monitored for any signs of shortening or dilation at future doctor appointments.  The tech also commented on how big his feet are, which was funny, since D has really big feet. D was like, “well, I guess now we know for sure it’s mine!”

Here is my sweet baby boy!


And here are his big feet!


Update: I forgot to add this video in earlier. I thought of this song and D when we found out, and it makes me smile (and cry):

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