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NICU day 70

Today was mostly good, but ended pretty rough. E got his two-month vaccines this morning and had been having a few more desats all day, but they were all brief and nothing too low — mostly mid-80s and only for a few seconds. Then late this evening, he suddenly started having a ton, along with a few bradys. At one point his oxygen dropped down to 32 percent, which was really scary for me. It’s never gone that low before. His temperature was also 38.2C (100.8F). The nurse wasn’t too worried and said sometimes babies just don’t react well to vaccines and that he’d be better in a couple days. She ordered him some Tylenol for the fever, which should also help with his desatting (he was holding his breath because he’s uncomfortable, which was causing his oxygen to drop). She turned his oxygen up to 1 liter (it had been at 1/64 all day) to give him a boost, and that seemed to help.

He’s now sleeping in my arms and satting at 100 percent, which is higher than it should be, but they don’t want to turn it back down until he proves he’s doing better. It’s after midnight and I’m exhausted, but I’m afraid to put him back down. It’s going to be a long night.

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