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8 weeks pregnant.

Here we are, 8 weeks. Just 3 more days until our next appointment. I hope they do an ultrasound. They said they would listen for “fetal heart tones” which sounds to me like they will be using a doppler, and I didn’t think the heartbeat was detectable by doppler this early. But ultrasound or doppler, my main concern is making sure the heart is still beating. This is such a scary time for me since our last ultrasound was just before 7 weeks, which is right about the time our first baby died. Granted, we hadn’t had that early ultrasound like we did this time, and maybe if we had, there would have been a sign that something wasn’t right, but I will definitely feel better if all goes well Thursday and we know we have officially cleared our loss milestone.

Speaking of dopplers, I got mine back this weekend from a friend who had borrowed it. I’m resisting breaking it out just yet, though! Maybe around 12-14 weeks. I will say, I am so glad I ended up buying that doppler. Not only did it save my own sanity, but after my own pregnancy I subsequently lent it to 4 friends, 3 of whom had experienced losses themselves. Best $50 I ever spent, and I love that I got to pay it forward.

Baby: We’re a raspberry this week! Baby is looking more baby-like and less like a tadpole. The tail is gone and the fingers and toes are now only slightly webbed. Baby is now moving around like crazy, even if I won’t be able to feel it for several more weeks. Fun fact: baby’s taste buds are forming this week. How does that amniotic fluid taste?

Mama: So bloated. I’ve reached a dilemma where the things I want to wear (like stretchy maxi skirts with cotton tees, since the weather has been so nice), are not the most belly-hiding choices. All of my flowy tops look best with jeans, which are both too hot and not forgiving enough on the belly. I refuse to buy more regular clothes since I’ll be in my maternity clothes soon enough, but also most of my maternity clothes are better suited for winter anyway. I should just go buy some summer maternity clothes, but it’s really too early for that. So I’ll remain in wardrobe purgatory for a while longer.

Nausea has kicked up a notch this week, and I actually threw up yesterday morning while trying to wash a load of cloth diapers. You know what sucks about puking when your pelvic floor is already destroyed from your previous pregnancy? You have the undignified concern of pissing yourself in the process. I had to cross my legs while puking, which wasn’t fun. I know my mom and grandma have both had surgery to repair the damage babies have done. I see that in my future. :/

Craving: mangoes!

Weight: +3.3 lbs in a week (yikes!), but still only above my starting weight by 1.6 lbs.


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