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9 weeks pregnant.

We had our first prenatal appointment yesterday at exactly 9 weeks, and we got to see our baby again! This time, he/she looked much more like a baby… or at least like a gummy bear. He/she was wiggling arms and legs, and the heart was beating like crazy. It actually made me tear up, seeing the baby move – the first time I’ve actually gotten emotional this pregnancy. I think it’s finally starting to feel real, and now that we’ve had two scans and I’ve reached 9 weeks, I’m starting to think we may actually get to take this baby home. We’re still not in the clear for about 3 more weeks — and really, even then there are no guarantees — but like I said, it’s definitely feeling more real. D even said he’ll probably tell his mom, so I know he’s finally getting excited too.


Baby: We have officially reached fetus status, as baby is no longer an embryo! Baby is about the size of a green olive (is it bad I’m craving green olives?), and is developing more distinct facial features this week.

Mama: Same old, same old. This pregnancy really is quite a bit easier than Theo’s, although I did almost throw up in the car this morning. I coughed and it triggered a gag reflex and I heaved a few times before I got it under control. Good thing I did, because I had nowhere to pull over and I was already on my way to work. Close one. But aside from one-off episodes like that (usually when brushing my teeth), I feel mostly fine with the occasional wave of ickiness that lasts an hour or so, then fades away again. Other than that I’m just super hungry all the time, and still pretty tired. Oh, and bloated. So bloated. I already look pregnant so I’ve had to plan my outfits carefully. I’m getting my first maternity Stitch Fix on the 15th and am hoping that helps me with my wardrobe options. I’ve been doing Stitch Fix for almost two years now and am super excited they’re now offering maternity!

Cravings: Green olives.

Weight: Minus 0.6 lbs. this week, bringing total weight gain to 1 lb. so far.

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