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60 days.

Today marks 60 days since my D&C.


As in, six-zero.

And I still have not gotten a real period.

I should have had two by now. Our doctor asked us to wait one cycle before trying again, which means if my body had cooperated, our waiting cycle should have already come and gone, as would our first cycle trying again. If my body had cooperated, I could have already been pregnant again. Yet, here I wait for Aunt Flo to show up so we can finally get back on the ball.

The good news is, I’ve been charting my cycles via taking my temperature, and, despite wacky post-miscarriage temperatures, I am pretty sure that I finally ovulated a week ago. Not that we could do anything about it, but ovulating last week means that my body is hopefully finally regulating itself, and my period *should* be here in less than a week now.

In theory, anyway.

I’ve come to realize that I can’t count on my body behaving the way it used to.

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