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The waiting is the hardest part.

Today I am 9 or 10 days past ovulation. Probably too early to test, but has that stopped me from testing every morning for the last three days? Of course not!

Naturally, they were all negative. Even if I am knocked up, it probably won’t show up until at least 12-13 DPO. I am well aware of this. So why do I put myself through the torture when I know it’s probably too early? Because A) I am impatient; B) I am impatient; and C) I ordered myself a pack of 25 tests from Amazon for just $5. Considering most drug store brand tests are around $15 for a 2-pack, I’m not too worried about (literally) pissing my money away. Plus, although it’s pretty rare, I have heard of someone getting a positive test at 6 DPO, which means it could totally happen to me… right?

I just hate not knowing. I’m well aware it could take a while, so I’m okay if it doesn’t happen this month. I just want to know already.

So, just like last month, in order to (attempt to) keep my mind off things, I’m making a list of what I’m looking forward to if it turns out this isn’t our month.

  1. Hot Yoga. Um, yeah. You may recall this was also on last month’s list. I never did get around to going to any classes. But this time for reals…
  2. House projects! Again, more stuff that was on last month’s list. Specifically, this month I want to get the office/guest room finished, and I’d really like to paint the bookcase and futon frame (which we’re picking up tonight!). Both will have to be sanded and primed before painting, and I’d feel much better about doing those things without worrying so much about dust and fumes. If I’m feeling extra ambitious, I may also tackle painting or staining the coffee and end tables in our living room. We got new couches with dark wood accents and the lighter stain on the rest of the furniture doesn’t quite go. But again, this will require sanding down the old stuff, which could get messy. It’s looking like the second bathroom may have to wait until November, which, if this isn’t our month, will work out better anyway. If it is, I will just have to be careful about going up and down the stairs at night, or we may have to temporarily move to the guest room. Good thing we’re getting that finished now!
  3. Halloween. I love, love, love Halloween. And our friends are throwing their annual bash, which was so much fun last year. Not that being pregnant would prevent me from attending the party, but I’d have to be sneaky about the drinking part. Then again, even if this isn’t our month, Halloween will likely fall during next cycle’s “two week wait.” So I won’t want to party too hard. Even though my doctor says, “drink till it’s pink” – meaning, drink until that positive pregnancy test (you don’t start sharing anything with the baby until about 6 weeks anyway) – I have refrained from drinking excessively since we started trying. Of course, once I get that positive test, I will stop altogether. Bottom line, it’s much easier to nurse a beer for a couple hours in an attempt to not drink too much than it is to hide not drinking altogether!

I’ll probably keep testing every morning until I get a positive or a period – the beauty of Internet cheapies! Still have my fingers crossed for a positive test, but either way, I’ll know in a few days, which is a relief in itself.

D and me, last Halloween

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