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Here we go again…

I am officially in the dreaded “two week wait.” We’ve done all we can do this cycle and now we just have to wait for either a positive test or my period to show up. Unlike last month, I am going to (at least try to) promise myself not to over-analyze every little symptom, especially since we may not have timed things as well as we could have this cycle. If Fertility Friend is right and I did indeed ovulate on Saturday, then it’s giving us a “low” timing score. On the other hand, if ovulation happened on Sunday like I suspect it may have, our timing score is “good,” according to FF. But there’s really no way to know since I slept in and didn’t take my temperature Sunday morning because I was too tired from my brother’s wedding the night before (and since I had quite a bit to drink, my temp would have probably been artificially elevated anyway). I did get a positive result on my ovulation predictor kit on Sunday afternoon, which is also what makes me think ovulation may have happened Sunday, not Saturday. Then again, I read online that you can actually get a positive the day after ovulation. OPKs confuse me and are starting to seem sort of pointless. I mean, what’s the purpose of using them to predict ovulation, if you can get a positive after the fact? They were given to me by a friend after she successfully got pregnant and didn’t need them anymore. I’m thinking I won’t waste the money on buying more once they run out. I think I get just as good, if not better clues as to when I’m about to ovulate just by being familiar with how my body behaves each month. Plus, in order to be most accurate, you’re supposed to test twice a day – and not in first thing in the morning – which means I’d have to test at work!! No, thank you!

Speaking of the wedding, it was fantastic! Such a fun day and I couldn’t be happier for my brother and his wife. It’s also strange to think about how a big part of our baby timeline revolved around getting past the wedding and festivities. It always felt so far away, but now that it’s come and gone, there really isn’t anything holding us back from making this next leap. Scary and exciting at the same time.

In other exciting news, our good friends just had a baby Monday night, so yesterday we went to go visit them in the hospital. I have to admit, seeing D hold a baby was pretty darn cute. It was also a strange feeling to hold her and think that this could be us in less than a year. Wow. Of course, after posting the pictures on Facebook we got the expected “You’re a natural!” and “Maybe it’s about time you two had one!” comments.

Oh, if they only knew…

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