NICU day 57

Today was kind of a rough day. Emmett’s reflux is getting pretty bad. He isn’t spitting up much, but it is backing all the way up into his nose, which creates massive boogers, which causes him to have trouble breathing, which causes him to desat. He’s also clearly in a lot of pain over it, and he grunts and cries a lot. Because of all the desatting, there was some talk about putting him back on caffeine, or possibly increasing his oxygen support again, but after talking with the doctor, he said it’s not really a lung issue; it’s just the reflux. The caffeine would likely make it worse, and the extra oxygen support wouldn’t even really do much good. We may start him on antacids though.

Breastfeeding was a little discouraging today. He was pretty sleepy and didn’t latch as much as he did yesterday, and having him laying sideways made his reflux worse, so after a few minutes we gave up and I held him upright, but shortly after that he needed his nose suctioned because he was having difficulty breathing. It’s just been a draining day. I know the reflux isn’t anything terribly serious; it’s more uncomfortable for him than anything. But it’s just so draining.

On a positive note, weight was up another 62 grams. He is now 5 lbs!