Baby Emmett, breastfeeding, NICU

NICU day 63

Today was a pretty good day. They were able to drop E down to 1/64 on his oxygen tank, which is virtually nothing, and his oxygen saturation looked really good most of the day. For a little while it was bouncing up then down, but it never stayed at either end, and by late afternoon it was more steady than I’ve seen it in weeks.

I got to try breastfeeding twice again today. The morning session was a bust; afternoon was a little better. The lactation nurse stopped by for the afternoon session and we had a long chat about plans and expectations. I felt much better after talking to her. She said we’re doing everything right, and that all we can really do is keep practicing. Some babies just take a while longer to figure it out, especially one born as early as E and with as many breathing problems. The whole suck-swallow-breathe coordination is surprisingly complicated for a preemie. She also thinks getting his tongue tie clipped will help, so I’m both looking forward to and dreading that. It’s a quick procedure, but I’m sure it’ll hurt.

It was a relatively uneventful day, which was nice for a change.

1 thought on “NICU day 63”

  1. When it comes to nursing, I can only marvel at the ability to get the hang of it this young, when he wasn’t even supposed to be born for another month! BTW, cute monster butt! 😉

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