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NICU day 55

Today was another pretty good day. Emmett’s desats were brief and infrequent, and he only had one brady that I saw, which was also quick. He still gets pretty uncomfortable with the reflux, but he doesn’t seem to be desatting as much as a result, so maybe it’s either improving or he’s learning to deal with it. They increased his feeds to 41 ML and he put on 64 grams tonight, bringing him to 4 lbs 11 oz.

I had a good conversation with E’s nurse, physical therapist and the lactation consultant about breastfeeding today. As I’ve mentioned before, being able to nurse E is so important to me, and I’m nervous because preemies often struggle to breastfeed. Many preemie moms end up having to pump exclusively, or switch to formula, despite their best efforts to nurse. To compound my fears, E isn’t really cueing the way he should for us to start nursing. He’s been scoring 2s and 3s on nursing readiness, when he needs to be getting 1s and 2s. But today his team thought we should give it a try tomorrow anyway. They said sometimes babies don’t exhibit obvious hunger cues on their own, but when faced with an actual boob, they figure it out. So we’ll give it a shot tomorrow. I’m keeping my expectations low, but am glad we’ll at least try. The process will take a nurse, a lactation consultant and a physical therapist (that sounds like the start of a bad joke), so I’m sure there will be plenty of awkwardness. It’s a good thing after birthing two babies I’ve pretty much lost my modesty and dignity, anyway!

3 thoughts on “NICU day 55”

  1. Before I say this…my note is that I loved my lactation consultants. All of them. Now…nothing better than when the LC reaches across you and grabs your boob for you while helping you place that baby. To your point, modesty over. LOL. I will cross my fingers for you. I bet your little fighter surprises us all. It does take a lot of energy for these little guys to feed so don’t be surprised if and when he latches you get a couple of sucks and then finish with a tube feed. We did a lot of part boob and part tube/eventually part bottle at the beginning. Good luck mama, so cool that it is progression forward!

  2. Good luck! Try to be very patient! I tried breastfeeding my twins and they just couldn’t get the hang of it and would just fall asleep, but they would drink a bottle with no problem at all….so unfortunately I exclusively pump, it works but not what I had planned for my little ones. You got this momma!

  3. Love, love, LOVE the photo of Emmett–picture of pure contentment, and except for the tube in his nose, he looks like the most perfectly normal newborn! I’m excited for you that you and Emmett will begin the breastfeeding process tomorrow. Even if it doesn’t go perfectly the first time, just to arrive at that milestone where he’s ready to try is wonderful! I’m praying for you, my little mama!

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