Baby Emmett, NICU

NICU day 23

I have to say, today was pretty boring. Emmett is doing fantastic on the CPAP, even if it looks worse (I miss seeing his sweet face!). He’s been having very infrequent events, and I got to hold him for three hours today and he was perfect. Unfortunately, he lost 30 grams at tonight’s weigh-in, but D brought up a good point to me this evening that we probably shouldn’t put too much stock in daily gain and instead should be looking at trends over a week. A nurse had told me pretty much the same thing a week ago — she said they like to see a gain of around 30 grams per day, but that it’s really inconsistent — sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less and sometimes babies randomly lose for no apparent reason. If the past few days are any indication, I’d say that’s spot on.

I attended rounds again this morning and the doctor said she was happy with how he was doing on the CPAP and didn’t want to make any changes to his care for a while to let him relax and focus on growing. So it looks like we’re stuck with the snorkel for a while longer. She’d like to re-evaluate where we are once he hits 30 weeks, which is Monday, and possibly graduate him to the high flow cannula at that time if he’s still doing well. They will recheck his sodium levels on Sunday, as they were borderline low at last week’s check. As long as he’s continuing to grow (and today’s weight loss was just a fluke), she isn’t too worried about his sodium.

I’m home with T tonight. Tomorrow I’ll take him to swimming lessons, and then the grandparents are taking him for the rest of the weekend so we can work on putting together his big boy room, and start getting the nursery ready for E’s homecoming, even if it is a long way off still.


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