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Last week we had our anatomy scan and I’m happy to report everything looks perfect! That was a big relief, to have checked off that major milestone, and to see baby again since we hadn’t seen him since 13 weeks. I think we got kind of spoiled in the beginning with the weekly ultrasounds. Pros and cons of being mostly “normal” now, I guess! I am kind of bummed that we didn’t get very many good images to take home with us. We didn’t even get the classic side profile shot that always looks so much like a real baby. The only face shots we got were head-on, and those always look so alien and scary. Our next appointment is at 24 weeks, where we’ll do the glucose test (for gestational diabetes), and then at 28 weeks we’ll get another ultrasound due to my slightly increased risk of IUGR (according to the repeat loss testing we had done early in the pregnancy).

At 21 weeks…

Baby: is about 10.5 inches long, and the ultrasound tech had estimated his weight around 13 ounces last week, which is right on track. So hopefully that means the risk of IUGR is low, though I don’t think that usually starts presenting itself until later, anyway. This week baby continues to produce meconium and his skin is wrinkly, since it will eventually fill out with fat. He’s still pretty skinny, compared to how he’ll be at birth. At 10.5 inches he’s already about halfway there in length, but his weight will probably increase tenfold before he’s born!

Mama: is feeling pretty good, but definitely slowing down already. The sciatic pain flares up every now and then, mostly after I’ve done something to strain it, like vacuuming the house. I think I overdid it this weekend as I ran a million errands, grocery shopped, vacuumed top to bottom, bathed the dog and put the finishing touches on our bathroom remodels (hung towel hooks, a shower curtain, artwork, etc.). When I got out of bed to pee in the middle of the night Sunday I almost collapsed from the back pain and had to shuffle my way to the bathroom. When I got up for the second (and third) time to pee, it was a little better, and two days later I’m back to normal. Belly is definitely getting bigger, and my skin feels really tight. Still hoping I can mostly avoid stretch marks again. With Theo, I didn’t notice any while I was pregnant, but after I had him, I noticed two faint little parallel marks, each about an inch long, on the left side of my stomach. I’ll count myself lucky if I can get away with just that again, as I know some women’s bellies get completely destroyed from pregnancy.

Weight: up 1 lb. this week for a total gain of 10 lbs. now.

Cravings: still loving sour candy!

Alien face.
Alien face.
21 week belly - and return of the bun. I need a haircut!
21 week belly – and return of the bun. I need a haircut!

1 thought on “TWENTY-ONE.”

  1. So good of you to keep all of us informed as we think of you (and pray for the two of you) constantly. All I can see in the pictures are two little legs but I’m sure that little guy is as handsome, or about to be, as Theo.
    We love you.
    Grandma and Grandpa

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