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Happy halfway! It’s hard to believe I’m halfway done. So far things are still looking good. We have our big anatomy scan on Thursday, which I’m really nervous and excited about. I still am terrified every day that something will go wrong, and in some weird way I almost feel like I’m an impostor with this pregnancy. Like it’s not really happening. But there’s no denying the belly I’m sporting these days, or the party that’s happening on the inside. Here’s what’s going on at 20 weeks…

Baby is about 10 inches long and now being measured head-to-toe instead of head-to-rump. He consumes multiple ounces of amniotic fluid each day and is growing tooth buds, lips, eyelashes and eyebrows. He’s also beginning to produce meconium, or what will be his first poops, though they’ll just sit in his bowels until after birth (or sometimes shortly before).

Mama is still feeling pretty good, relatively speaking, though the sciatic pain seems to have reared its ugly head again. Definitely feeling like I’m handling the pregnancy better this time, though, despite the fact I’m getting bigger faster. I took a peek at my 20 week entry from T’s pregnancy and I was dealing with quite a bit of hip pain with him by this time. Haven’t had much of that this time, minus the couple nights we spent up at our cabin while we had some work done on our bathroom. Not sure whether it was the mattress itself, the lack of a mattress topper, or the fact that it was a full-sized bed and I didn’t have room to surround myself with pillows like I do in our king-sized bed, but I woke up with achy hips both nights. But my hips haven’t bothered me at all since, and even though the sciatica has crept back up the last week, it’s definitely been less bothersome than it was with T.

Weight: up 1 lb. this week for a total gain now of 9 lbs. I was up 8 lbs. at this point with T so I’m feeling okay with that number.

Cravings: Still sour candy. Still “snashing” it in my car. Speaking of cars, we bought a mini-van last week (gasp)! I always swore I would never own one, but D actually talked me into it and it’s sort of awesome. I’m going to really love those automatic doors when juggling a toddler and an infant seat, and we can fit two kids, two dogs and all our stuff in there when needed — and we won’t have to remove car seats to put friends or family in there either. Gotta say, sometimes functionality trumps ego (though I was sure get the black exterior and leather interior because it seemed the least “soccer mom” to me!).

The newest member of the family.
The newest member of the family.
20 weeks pregnant.
20 weeks pregnant. The belly doesn’t lie.

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