Theoisms, toddlerhood

My did it!

Our little man is certainly exerting his independence these days. Lately he wants to do everything himself — from buckling himself in his car seat, to brushing his own teeth (despite the fact that we do a much better job doing it for him), to opening doors and turning off lights — if we try do something for him, he immediately shrieks, “NO! MY DID IT!!!” He’s been using my and I interchangeably, and I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be “I get it” or his way of saying “I do it” (using the wrong tense of do) — but the message is clear: back off, mom!

It’s great that he’s learning do do more himself, but sometimes it takes FOR-E-VER to get out of the house in the morning, and there are certain things he simply lacks the dexterity to do, like zip up his jacket. He can do it if I get it started for him, but if I say, “Can mama help?” He yells, “No, Theo help!”

It’s both adorable and frustrating, which is basically toddlerhood in a nutshell.


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