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39 weeks.

Once again, it’s Thursday and I’m just now getting around to my weekly update. As of Sunday I was 39 weeks. I’m now just three days away from my due date and growing more impatient by the day. I’ve mentioned before that being a planner makes this waiting around for baby stuff incredibly frustrating. I hate not being able to plan things, and this is probably the biggest event in my life and I can’t plan for it. To make matters worse, D is totally procrastinating on the few things I’ve asked him to do, and it’s driving me absolutely batty. I know it’s irrational since the things he needs to do can either get done quickly if I were go suddenly go into labor or would be okay waiting until we get home from the hospital, but again, it’s just the planner in me having no control over this situation, so it’s driving me crazy that there are some things I should be able to control, yet my sweet husband is not being cooperative. Grr…

Anyway, at 39 weeks (and 4 days)…

Baby is estimated to be around 8 to 8.5 lbs already, per my doctor. She doesn’t think he’s on track to be a 10-pounder like D was, but she says he won’t be small, either. Since babies put on about a half pound per week at this stage, can you see why I’m ready for him to get out already?! He’s still kicking and rolling away in there and likes to spend a lot of time pushing down on my bladder and cervix. He also frequently sticks his feet in my ribs (only on the right side for some reason), and will sometimes push his feet out into my right side so hard that it forms a lump. Like he’s trying to kick his way out or something. Sorry, baby. The exit is about 12 inches down and to the left, and the sooner you discover this, the better.

Mama is just done already. The longer I wait around, the more stir crazy I get. I’m still getting a lot of contractions, but nothing regular. This morning I actually thought my water broke for a second. I felt a little pop and a very small gush. But then nothing happened after that. After some googling, I learned that if you lay down for a half hour, if it was your water it will pool a bit inside you, and if you stand up and have another gush, you know it was your water. So I laid down on a towel on the couch for a half hour, stood up and… nothing. WTF, body? So yeah, looks like it wasn’t my water, and I haven’t had any leaking since. Who knows what it actually was, but pregnancy is full of all kinds of weird fluids and sensations, so… yeah, whatever. I feel like I’m trying so hard to read into signs lately that may or may not mean anything. I had some digestive issues over the weekend, which I read could be a sign of early labor. And then nothing. I actually lost my mucus plug on Sunday night, which I read means labor could begin in “a matter of hours or a week.” Nothing so far. I’ve been eating lots of spicy food, even though I know that’s probably an old wives’ tale (which could have been the culprit on my digestive issues, now that I think of it!). I’ve been trying to walk more, despite the fact that it’s uncomfortable and I’m totally waddling now. I have plans with a friend to go walking on Sunday if I haven’t gone into labor by then. I’m going to be so bummed if my due date comes and goes and we don’t have this baby yet! Did I mention I’m impatient??

The good news is, at my appointment last Thursday, the doctor said I’m 1.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Because of that, she is no longer worried about scar tissue preventing me from dilating in labor, which is a huge relief. I had another appointment on Tuesday of this week, and I hadn’t had any change since, which was a bit of a bummer. I seem to be making progress about every other appointment. Next appointment is scheduled for Friday, May 10 and I hope to God I don’t make it to that appointment.

Okay, here I am in all my beached whale glory. I put on 4 lbs in one week, which doesn’t seem possible since I’m eating the same as I was. Maybe I’m retaining more water now or something. I’m up to 29.4 lbs gained now.


1 thought on “39 weeks.”

  1. Wow! LOTS of great symptoms of the beginning stages of labor! Hang in there and keep those legs crossed–you only need to “wait” 2 more days til the weekend–exactly 2 weeks before Dad & I are scheduled to arrive!! Soooooo EXCITED!!!!!!

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