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36 weeks.

Less than one month to go (in theory, anyway) — eek! And only 5 days until I’m full term. I think it’s safe to say nesting is in full effect. I’ve been driving D crazy with my honey-do list, and most things I end up just doing myself when I get tired of nagging him. His attitude is definitely a lot more relaxed than mine and he keeps reminding me we’ve still got a month left. This, of course, drives me crazy, since there’s no guarantee that I’ll make it to my due date. Of course, his argument is that I have just as much of a chance of going late as early, which is probably true, but I would still rather be prepared now. So, here’s what’s on my list of to-do’s (including some I’ve checked off already this week, because the list-maker in me gets so much satisfaction in crossing things off my list that I like to include stuff I’ve already done. What, is that weird?)

  • Install car seat bases in both cars (partially checked off – done in one car).
  • Attach changing pad to dresser in nursery.
  • Buy a new barrier/net for our SUV’s cargo area (keep dogs out of baby’s face during car rides!)
  • Have spare keys made.
  • Give keys to people who could help with our dogs while we’re in the hospital (partially crossed off – we’ve given out one set of keys).
  • Buy more hangers for baby clothes (this kid has an enormous wardrobe!)
  • Buy letters for baby’s name above the crib.
  • Buy necessities that we didn’t get from our baby showers.
  • Buy a stroller.
  • Buy a baby monitor
  • Buy a deep freezer for garage (want extra freezer space for pumped milk and freezer meals).
  • Make and freeze a bunch of quick meals to throw in the crock pot once baby gets here and we don’t feel like cooking (about halfway done with these).
  • Meet with a lawyer to write up wills.
  • Update life insurance policies.
  • Take dogs to the vet for a checkup and update on their shots.
  • Wash and put away baby clothes, sheets and blankets.
  • Pack hospital bag.
  • Get organized at work so I can hand stuff off at a moment’s notice.
  • Bring a spare pair of pants, towel and a garbage bag to work in case my water breaks there (yikes!).
  • Talk to HR about logistics and paperwork needed for maternity leave.
  • Frame or mount maternity pictures.

It’s funny, I started drafting this post a few days ago and by the time I came back here to finish writing, I had already checked off about 5 more things. I’m also going on a frantic cleaning spree, which I’m sure D loves, since I’m usually not the tidiest person. Today I washed all the blankets, rugs, floor mats, dog beds, etc. in our house and Febreezed everything that couldn’t be thrown in the wash. I don’t know if our dogs are getting smellier or if it’s just my crazy prego nose, but all I can smell lately are dogs, even though they’ve both recently been bathed.

Okay, crazy nesting aside, here’s what’s happening with baby and me at 36 weeks…

Baby is moving like crazy still, and kicked me hard enough in the ribs last week to make me wonder if he could have broken them. Thankfully the pain went away after a couple days, so I was probably just bruised. Strong boy. He should be around six-ish pounds now, but babies vary so much at birth weight that it’s really anyone’s guess at this point. If he were born now he’d probably do just fine, though it’s best to keep him baking a few weeks longer for optimal health. Premature babies often have trouble breastfeeding, which is something that’s really important to me. He should be shedding most of the hair that once covered his body, as well as the vernix caseosa that protected his skin from the amniotic fluid. Thankfully, the OB today confirmed that he is still head-down and already very low, so all systems are a go so far!

Mama is 1 centimeter dilated – woohoo! I got a cervical check at my appointment this morning and was told that I’m at one centimeter and beginning to efface (though she didn’t say by how much and I forgot to ask). I know the dilation and effacement don’t really mean much at this stage — as I said last week, women can walk around dilated for quite some time, or go from zero to 10 rather quickly — but if nothing else, that’s at least one less centimeter that I have to dilate in labor, right? One down, nine to go. πŸ™‚ Other than that, I’m feeling pretty good during the day, but super uncomfortable at night. I don’t sleep much at all these days and I’m getting up to pee every hour or two. Movements such as rolling over or sitting up are downright painful. But it’s weird – for as horrible as I feel at night, I wake up in the morning and as soon as the hot shower hits my back, all the achiness goes away.

It still doesn’t quite feel real. In the elevator at the hospital this morning, some woman told me I looked like I was ready to have a baby “any day now.” I told her I still had four weeks to go, but it is kind of funny to hear comments from strangers like that because I don’t really feel *that* big. Then again, maybe I’m just delusional and/or getting used to my larger self. Gained .4 lbs this week for a total gain now of 24.4 lbs. I’ve started letting myself indulge a bit more in cravings than normal since I’ve done pretty well with my weight so far. Not that I want to have to lose a lot afterward, but if 25-35 lbs is considered ideal weight gain, that means I’m allowed to gain 11 more lbs in the next 4 weeks… right??? πŸ˜‰ Bring on the chocolate!


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  1. Grandma’s To Do List: Find a kennel to board the dog when it’s time to go. Start looking into airfares and airport parking. Make a Packing List. Print off some good recipes to take with me. Plan easy meals for “Grandpa” who’ll be home alone for part of the time I’m gone. Remember to close the “Baby Pool” on April 15th (hopefully Mandy won’t deliver before then!). Get my computer set up for skyping.

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