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35 weeks.

As of yesterday, I hit what’s known as 35/35. That is, 35 weeks pregnant with 35 days to go. WOW! Just a little over a month until our due date and only two weeks until I’m considered full-term. Realistically, baby could come anytime between now and May 19 (doctor will let me go 2 weeks past my due date before inducing). It’s such a weird feeling to have so little control over the timing of something so important, especially for a planner like me.

I had my second (and final) baby shower on Saturday, which was SO much fun. It was great to spend time with friends and we got a lot of things we really needed, as well as a lot of clothes. Pretty sure we won’t have to buy any clothes for our little man for the entire first year of his life. We also got a couple gift cards, and so yesterday I went on Amazon and ordered almost everything else we need. All that’s left to buy are the stroller and the baby monitor. I’m trying to wrap up as much as I can at work and am also staying really organized so I can hand everything off to my coworkers at a moment’s notice with a few emails. All in all, I think we’re almost ready for the little dude.

Here’s what’s happening at 35 weeks…

Baby is about 6 lbs. and 20 inches long at this point, and can expect to put on about an ounce of fat per day between now and his birthday. Most of his systems are fully developed at this point, including kidney and liver. His digestive system still needs some work, though, and won’t be mature until sometime after birth. He’s still moving around quite a bit and seems to favor sticking his feet up into the right side of my ribs. He also frequently punches or head butts me in the bladder, and I’m finding myself having to pee even more than before (I didn’t think that was humanly possible)!

Mama is large and uncomfortable and I’m even starting to outgrow some of my maternity clothes! I guess that’s what happens when you buy stuff early on. I’m finding that some of the items I had that were on the big side in the beginning fit really well now. And the panel of what used to be one of my favorite pairs of maternity jeans only comes about halfway up my belly, which is both uncomfortable and makes for a weird seam under clothing. I’ve started actually folding down the panel, as it’s both more comfortable and gives my belly a nicer shape, but then I have to deal with the outie belly button, which makes me feel really indecent… like I’m walking around with a giant nipple sticking out or something! I’ve put on 2.4 lbs this week for a total weight gain now of 24 lbs. Next appointment is April 9, after which point I’ll go in weekly until I deliver. The nurse practitioner told me at my last appointment that they may start doing cervical checks at my next appointment, which, oddly, I’m looking forward to. I know it means almost nothing at this stage of the game — women can walk around dilated for weeks and have nothing happen, and can also dilate quickly with no warning — but I still like to have as much information as possible. We’ll go tour the hospital this coming Sunday, which I’m also looking forward to. Can’t believe how close to the end we are!


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