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25 weeks.

Wow, I think pregnancy brain is getting the best of me. I just realized today that I haven’t done my 25 week update yet… and then I thought, wait, or have I? I actually had to check. You’d think I’d remember writing it or not. But then again, I’ve been spacing on a lot of stuff lately. Like on Saturday we were invited to our friends’ baby’s first birthday party, and I swore it started at 2 p.m. I went about my Saturday morning like I usually do, left for yoga class at 10, and told D I’d be home around 12:30. Got out of yoga at noon and looked at my phone only to see I had 4 missed calls and 2 text messages from D letting me know the birthday party started at 11. Whoops. So I rushed home as fast as I could and we rushed off to the party, only to arrive a little after 1. Only two hours late… that’s just fashionable, right? Whoopsies.

So, here’s my 25 week update, 4 days late…

Baby is now about 13.5 inches from head to toe, and weighs about a pound and a half. Big developments this week include packing on the baby fat and growing more hair. Also this week, baby is learning to distinguish right side up from upside down, which seems to make sense, since he moves the most when I go from a standing position to laying down. I think throughout the day he probably gets used to me being upright, but when I lay down to go to bed he gets super squirmy – I picture him readjusting in there to orient himself and get comfortable again.

25w2dMama is feeling pretty good, aside from being a space cadet and still dealing with sciatic pain. I’m finding it a little hard to get comfortable at night, and even just finding a comfortable position on the couch at the end of the day is hard sometimes. Thankfully, sitting at my desk isn’t too bad, though I don’t have the greatest office chair, so even though it doesn’t feel terrible while I’m sitting, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s contributing to my back issues. I think I am definitely going to buy an exercise ball to sit on (I know I’ve said that before…). I have some spa gift certificates that I was going to save for later in the third trimester, but maybe I should use one now. Not sure if a massage would help the sciatic pain, but it might. Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good. Not too tired yet, and the weight gain seems to be coming along at a slow and reasonable pace. In fact, at my last appointment my doctor even commented on how well I’m doing with my weight this pregnancy. I’m up .4 lbs this week for a total weight gain now of 12.6 lbs. Next doctor appointment is February 15, where I’ll get to take the lovely gestational diabetes test. Not looking forward to that!

Other stuff: I’m still working on the nursery, and I sanded and primed the dresser we want to use as a changing table last weekend. I’ll probably paint it this weekend. Next project is going to be a mobile I’m making for above the crib, and then I need to either buy or DIY some sort of artwork for above the changing table. I’m also thinking about painting the trim work in the room white (it’s currently wood-toned), and I’m on the lookout for a nice reasonably-priced rug to tie the whole room together.

We’re also up to our necks in our daycare search, which is turning out to be a bit stressful, as it seems everywhere we look is either full or only has one opening left. We toured a Kindercare facility on Tuesday and while it was “just okay,” it didn’t really make a great impression on us. It was pretty chaotic in there, and they may or may not even have an opening for us. The director was going to look at their availability and get back to me on that. We’re seeing a home daycare this evening which has potential except for the fact that it’s not super conveniently-located and they have a hard stop at 5 each day. D would most likely have pick-up duty, so we’ll have to talk about whether that will work with his schedule. It’s about $100 cheaper per week than the Kindercare, though, and I liked the daycare provider on the phone a lot when I spoke with her. We’re going to tour two more daycare centers next Tuesday, and I have one other home daycare provider I still need to call. Hopefully we can find something we like and get in before it’s completely full!

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