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9 weeks.

I never thought I’d get to write this post. I can’t believe we’ve made it this far! I still have days where I’m terrified it’s going to be taken away from me again, but in general, the more time goes on, the more confident I feel.

The biggest news right now is that we had our official ultrasound last Friday and everything looks GREAT. The baby is measuring right on track and had a nice fast heartbeat. It was also moving around and looked more like a gummy bear than a blob, and has almost doubled in size since the previous ultrasound, just 11 days earlier.

At 9 weeks…

Baby is about the size of a grape or green olive. It’s officially no longer an embryo and is now a fetus. The tail is now officially gone and the organs, muscles and nerves are starting to function. It actually has external sex organs already, but we won’t be able to find out if it’s a boy or girl until around 20 weeks. The eyes and eyelids are formed now, and are fused shut until around 27 weeks. Baby also has earlobes and now has a distinct mouth, nose and nostrils. The next step is rapid weight gain. It’ll be the size of a prune this time next week.

Mama was very sick this morning. I couldn’t stop gagging and heaving the entire time I was getting ready for work. Brushing my teeth was the worst part and that actually made me throw up. I was worried I wouldn’t make it on the bus, but I did okay. Instead of catching the second bus when I got into downtown, though, I just opted to walk the rest of the way. The fresh air felt nice. My pants are so uncomfortably tight today. I’m holding off on buying maternity clothes until I truly need them. I’m not really “showing” yet, per se, but I’m so bloated that I’m just looking and feeling fatter. I may treat myself to some nice jeans in a bigger size, even though I won’t be able to wear them for long. I’ll need them after I have the baby too, while I work on losing the baby weight. That’s how I justify the purchase!

I’m excited that we’re now past our loss milestone, and I really am starting to feel more confident. D is taking a while longer to warm up, but he did tell his sister this weekend, which I think made things feel a little more real to him. And we went out to dinner last night with my brother and sister in law (who know), and D was talking to them about our ultrasound. I think he’s coming around, albeit a little slower than I am. Not that I can blame him – he’s not feeling the daily effects of the pregnancy and only has the previous experience to compare it to. I can’t wait until our 12 week appointment (countdown: 21 days!), because then we’ll truly be able to let the cat out of the bag!

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