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Week 8 update:

Week 8

How big is baby? The size of a raspberry (or kidney bean, depending on which website you’re looking at)

Milestones this week: This week, baby is growing fingers and toes (just last week he/she grew arms and legs). Baby is also growing eyelids, which nearly cover its eyes by now, and its “tail” is just about gone. What’s super exciting is that the baby should be moving a lot this week, even though I won’t feel it for another couple months (hopefully we’ll get to see it on the ultrasound Monday, though!).

Symptoms: Getting more and more bloated. I can’t wait until it’s actually a baby bump and not this “blump” nonsense. You may notice, I’m wearing different pants in this week’s photo than in previous ones. I had planned to wear the same outfit for all of my weekly pictures, but my black yoga pants were already getting kind of tight, so I decided to switch to a pair that have a better shot of lasting me for a while longer! Interestingly, I’m still down a couple pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. So while I’m eating more and looking pudgier around the middle, I’m not actually gaining any weight. Seems odd, but I’m not complaining. There’s plenty of time for weight gain.

I’m still trying to be smart about what I eat, but every once in a while (two weekends in a row), Taco Time just sounds really good! Still having aversions to sweets, besides fruit/yogurt. Loving: celery and peanut butter, cheese and pickles, tomatoes and mozzarella, vegetables of any kind. Nausea inducers still include walking and dog food, as well as opening the refrigerator or taking out the garbage. Oh, and an empty stomach. I’ve been throwing up nearly every morning, when I don’t actually have anything in my stomach to throw up. Threw up at work just once, but luckily I was already in the restroom when it came on suddenly. I’ve been keeping saltines in my desk and snacking on those throughout the day, which seems to help some. Unfortunately, the candied ginger I bought in the beginning completely repulses me now. Too bad, since ginger is supposed to be a natural anti-nauseate.

What I miss: Honestly, not a lot at this point, except maybe some of my wardrobe I’ve had to retire already. But for the most part, I’m not looking back so much as I am looking forward. Which brings me to…

What I’m looking forward to: Monday. MondayMondayMondayMonday. Our first appointment and ultrasound is MONDAY. Just two days away. I’m so nervous, scared and excited, all at the same time. Mostly excited. I can’t wait to finally see our little nugget and see the heartbeat and feel some reassurance that everything is fine.

Other stuff: 19 days until we tell my parents on Thanksgiving. After that we will tell D’s parents, our friends and then I’ll tell work the next week after I’ve had my second ultrasound. By December, the cat should be fully out of the bag!

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