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Week 7 update:

Happy Halloween! I’m a day late on my weekly Saturday updates, but here I am, 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Just one more week until our appointment and it cannot come soon enough!

Week 7

How big is baby? The size of a blueberry.

Milestones this week: This week, baby is starting to grow hands and feet! It still has a tail, but that’s about to start getting smaller, while everything else gets bigger – in fact, the baby has doubled in size just since last week!

Symptoms: On a scary note, some more spotting early last week. There wasn’t a lot of it, and it wasn’t bright red – both signs of something more troubling – but it’s enough to make me worry. As I mentioned earlier, our appointment cannot come soon enough. I just want to know that everything is fine, our baby is growing as it should and that its little heart is beating strong. Chances of miscarriage go down dramatically after seeing the heartbeat, though I have a feeling I won’t totally relax until he or she is here. And then, of course, I enter a whole new realm of worry. I suppose I should start getting used to it! Welcome to motherhood, right?

Other than that, I’m still feeling queasy off and on throughout the day, sometimes worse than others. And my boobs are killing me still, sometimes worse than others. I’ve had to start sleeping with a body pillow to keep me totally on my side, since I’m used to sleeping sort of three quarters on my side/stomach, and that’s just not comfortable anymore. Unfortunately the body pillow takes up a lot of room in the bed and it’s feeling kind of crowded in there already. I can only imagine how crowded it will feel once I have a giant belly. Time to upgrade to a king size bed, perhaps?

What I miss: I still miss being honest with people, but I’m almost starting to have fun with the secret now – particularly the thrill of getting away with being sneaky about not drinking! It’s something that stressed me out a lot in the beginning because I was sure it would blow my cover, but now I’m sort of proud at how creative I’ve gotten with hiding it. So for now, I don’t miss a whole lot. I guess I sort of miss feeling normal and like myself, but every wave of nausea or bout of fatigue just reminds me of the baby I’m growing. So for now I’d say I’m pretty content.

What I’m looking forward to: The appointment, the appointment, the appointment! I’m also looking forward to having a real baby bump, instead of this “blump” I have going on now (bloat). I just look chubby right now.

Other stuff: Went to a Halloween party last night as Mia Wallace and Vince Vega from Pulp Fiction. The costumes were a hit and I don’t think anyone noticed I wasn’t drinking. I went ahead and got a cup of beer from the keg but just carried it around with me the whole night and D took sips from it every now and then so it wasn’t full the whole time. And then of course, as the night wore on, I had the excuse of being the designated driver, so it wasn’t strange for me to quit drinking earlier in the night. On the way home, I got a horrible case of “morning sickness” (the dumbest name ever, by the way, since it can strike any time of the day). Almost had to pull the car over and puke, but I made it home. I can only imagine how THAT would have looked – puking out the driver’s side of the car in a Halloween costume. No, officer, I swear I haven’t been drinking!

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