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I didn’t get around to writing my update for last week, so this week’s will be a combined update. Not a ton going on at this point, anyway — I’m now remembering this is the stage of pregnancy that just sort of stretches on, and if things are going well, is pretty uneventful! So let’s get to it…

Baby: is about 14 inches long and 2 lbs now. He has eyelashes and can now open and close his eyes, after having them closed for the past few months. Supposedly that means he is now receptive to light, though I would imagine it’s pretty dark in there most of the time, regardless of time of day. He certainly tends to be really active at night and has even woken me up a few times with his acrobatics. I’ve heard this is pretty common, as the movement you make during the day rocks babies to sleep, and they wake and party once you’re still. Baby’s primary job at this point is to fatten up, though his lungs are the other major thing he needs to strengthen to prepare him for life on the outside. He’s practicing “breathing” amniotic fluid now, which seriously blows my mind. I’ve mentioned this before, but how do they not drown? Crazy.

Mama: now has heartburn almost ALL THE TIME. Fun! Maybe this baby will have a lot of hair. Isn’t that the old wives’ tale? I also have restless legs when I’m tired, and the nightly waking every two hours to pee routine means I’m tired a lot. Hard to believe I’ve still got about 14 weeks to go. I am noticing I’m just sort of “over” pregnancy this time around. Don’t get me wrong, I’m beyond thankful that things are going so well and I really take nothing for granted. But the novelty of pregnancy itself has sort of worn off now that we’ve been through this before and I’m just kind of ready to be done so I can meet my baby! The good news is, I passed my gestational diabetes test, and my thyroid is still looking good, so no changes to the dosage of my thyroid medication. I was a little anemic at my last blood draw so I have to start taking iron supplements, but other than that, things are going well! We have our next appointment in two weeks, at which we’ll get a growth ultrasound. It’ll be nice to see baby again and I hope he’s growing like he should. After next week we move to biweekly appointments, and then at 36 weeks, we’ll have weekly check-ups. Home stretch.

Weight: up 1 lb. between weeks 24 and 25, and then no gain between 25 and 26, bringing the total to 14 lbs. gained so far.

Cravings: Nothing really. The heartburn kinda puts a damper on most food!

Photo taken around 25 and a half weeks.
Photo taken around 25 and a half weeks.