Baby Emmett, breastfeeding, NICU

NICU day 77

Today Emmett took a step backward from the great progress he’s been having. He had one brady overnight, which automatically reset our jailbreak clock back to five days. He also had a lot more desats today. They were all quick and not terribly low, and it’s not enough to put him back on oxygen just yet, but they also wouldn’t send us home if he were still doing that. He was also just really sleepy today and not very interested in eating. The nurse said he was probably just really tired from all the progress we’ve made in a short amount of time, and that this rebound effect is very typical of a preemie after making such big strides forward.

So it looks like we’re not as close to going home as we originally thought. He’s still doing really well, considering all he’s been through. But it was a bummer to realize he’s not going home in the next few days like we thought he may be. That said, this rebound could be short-lived and we could see him start trending upwards again very soon. It’s kind of a wait and see game at this point. He’s up to 6 lbs 10 oz now and doesn’t fit in most of his preemie clothes anymore.