Baby Emmett, NICU

NICU day 42

It’s hard to believe it’s already been six weeks. Emmett has really grown a lot since then. He was up another 16 grams tonight, bringing him to 3 lbs 10 oz. They bumped his feeds up one more ML, so he’s now on 31 ML feeds. Until we know more about how the CLD is affecting him, growth is still our biggest priority.

We had a pretty good day today, with much fewer events than the last week. I didn’t think the prednisolone was supposed to start working for a couple more days – but whether it’s the medication or just him having a good day, I’ll take it.

Not a lot else to report today, which is good. Boring days are always good days. Tomorrow I head back to work, which is surreal. Really hoping this provides a welcome distraction and makes the time go by faster until we can bring Emmett home. Feeling excited, scared, nervous and a whole bunch of other emotions.

"Hi Mom!"
“Hi Mom!”

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