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NICU day 15

Today was a good day. D spent the night at the hospital last night and said he had way fewer alarms than the last time he roomed in. And today was the same. Fewer alarms are always good! Despite wanting to hold off yesterday on increasing his fortification, the doctor today decided to up it to 26kcal just to see how he did. He did great! He isn’t losing excess water any more, so it seems he’s handling the increase well. And he put on another 20 grams since yesterday, which is awesome.

D and I attended rounds this morning, and there wasn’t a whole lot to report, which is a good thing. We’re in maintenance mode right now. Or as his nurse said to me, “this is the boring part.” I’m totally fine with boring. He’ll have his third and final brain ultrasound on June 18 and will have his eyes checked on June 23rd. Barring any surprises or changes in health, until then they’ll just be fine tuning his breathing assistance and feeding.

Speaking of feeding, I’m finding that I’m getting a little obsessive with pumping output. I’m still a little behind what I should be producing at this stage, but I’m rapidly catching up. The lactation nurse says I should ideally be making 24 oz per day right now and I’m on track to get 21-22 today, up from 19.75 yesterday, which is up from 18.5 the day before. I’m taking fenugreek, drinking mother’s milk tea and trying my best to stay well hydrated. I’m tracking all my sessions on an app that puts everything into graphs and tables for me. I do love me a good graph! Breastfeeding was always something that was so important to me with Theo, and even though I got off to a rough start this time around, I’m trying really hard to make this work. I’ll be the first to admit, I have control issues. And since so much of what we’re dealing with is beyond our control, this is something I feel like I can control, though not without a ton of effort on my part.

E and I had a great kangaroo session today. He did have one brady episode, but aside from that, he was great and we snuggled for more than two and a half hours. I was completely blissed out, and E got down to 21% oxygen and still managed to keep his saturation in the 90s most of the time. In fact, I went home for dinner shortly after our session and came back a few hours later and he was still hanging out happily in his isolette at 21%. It really is amazing what that human contact does for him. And it makes sense. Babies need to be held a lot, and he should still be on the inside – the ultimate hold. It’s just too bad it’s such a process to get him in and out of his isolette and that we can only do it once a day. I’m looking forward to the day I can hold him all the time. I did a lot of babywearing with Theo and I have a feeling I’m probably never going to put E down once I get to take him home.


2 thoughts on “NICU day 15”

  1. Sounds like you’re doing great! I found that coconut milk seriously boosted my supply– coconut milk contains lauric acid, which is also in breast milk. Having coconut rice or a coconut milk curry one night should boost your supply the next day. 🙂

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