Baby Emmett, NICU

NICU day 10

We have hit double-digits on days in the NICU. Here’s to hoping we don’t ever hit triple digits.

Last night and today were relatively uneventful with E again. He had a few desats (oxygen saturation levels dropping below the 88% threshold), but only one bradycardia that I’m aware of today. I held him for almost two hours again this morning (he did amazing!), and then I went home and passed D the baton. D’s dad and step mom came to visit this afternoon while I watched Theo, and then they all came home and the in-laws brought us dinner. Then D went back for the night. E got weighed again tonight and is up to two pounds! You know your perspective is skewed when that seems SO BIG! Proud of my boy. Feedings are going great. We’re now up to 12 ML every three hours, and they began fortifying my milk today with extra calories and protein to help him pack on more weight.

So, tonight was supposed to be my night to get some rest at home, but when I was giving T a bath, he complained that his penis hurt. Then after his bath, when he was going pee, he started crying and said it hurt to go. Great. Sounded like a UTI to me, so I got him dressed and loaded into the car, and off to urgent care we went. Only when we got there, urgent care was closed. (D asked me if they had “I hope it wasn’t really urgent” on the door.) I didn’t think it was quite ER-worthy so I told Theo the doctor went home and we’d have to wait until morning. His response: “The doctor was tired?” (Yes, sweetheart. So is Mommy.) When we got home, he went pee just fine and said he was all better. Go figure. I guess I’ll see how he feels in the morning and whether I actually need to take him in. I hope he isn’t starting to make stuff up for attention. We really have been trying so hard to make things as normal as possible for him throughout this whole ordeal.

In other T news, he woke up from his nap this afternoon with a runny nose. I’m really hoping neither D or I catch his cold, or we’ll have to stay away from the NICU until we’re better. That would be pretty devastating. So far it hasn’t been so traumatic to leave E at the hospital because we’re never gone for long and one of us is almost always there. Not being able to see him for several days, though? I think that would break me.

Tomorrow I’ll spend the morning with T, then D will come home and have lunch with us and then I’ll head back to the hospital for the afternoon/night. Onto day 11…

Kangaroo selfie. (Pretty sure this ordeal has aged me about 10 years.)
Kangaroo selfie.

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  1. What a beautiful picture, one would never guess from the picture that you are exhausted beyond belief.

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