Baby Emmett, NICU

NICU day 4

We had another great day today. Most of it was blissfully boring. One exciting milestone we reached, though, is that we finally got to start feeding. So far it’s just one ML of pumped milk through a feeding tube, every three hours. As long as his system tolerates it, we’ll gradually start increasing the amount. We can also take a small dropper and give him a few drops on his tongue or lips to give him a taste. He loved that. He became very alert and lapped it right up.

D spent the night and the first part of the day with him, while I stayed with T, and then we switched places at noon and D took T for a hike after his nap. I missed his first feeding and by the time I got there for his second feeding, I could already see a remarkable difference in his appearance. He just looked so much healthier and vibrant. The real test will be whether his digestive system tolerates it, and while we have yet to see the first diaper to officially evaluate its success, the doctors could tell it had at least moved beyond his stomach, so that’s a great sign that his system is working as it should.

They aren’t making any changes or adjustments in the near future, aside from possibly lowering his oxygen concentration since he is getting better at breathing on his own. Unless anything changes (which we’ve been warned, can and does happen a lot), we are sort of in maintenance mode right now so he can continue to grow and gain strength. He will have a head ultrasound on the 25th to look for brain bleeds (standard protocol for preemies) and his eyes and ears will be checked at some point – usually around 32ish weeks.

I’m spending the night at home again tonight, while D stays in the NICU. I’ll take T to school in the morning and then D and I will both hang out at the hospital for the day tomorrow. I’m hoping we can find a good routine so we can minimize any disturbances to T’s world.

Happy baby.
Happy baby.


Hiking with daddy.
Hiking Wallace Falls with daddy.


3 thoughts on “NICU day 4”

  1. It sounds like you are all really pulling together as a family. you are one strong mumma πŸ™‚ Im looking forward to reading more updates as baby grows stronger every day πŸ™‚

  2. I love reading your daily updates. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers every day. So glad things are going as well as they appear to be going at this point. Judith (Alison’s mom)

  3. Just wanted to say that I’m thinking about you, Emmett and your whole family. I know how stressful hospital life is and I hate that you’re now experiencing that as well. I love reading your updates. Emmett is absolutely beautiful and I love that he’s doing so well with breathing already. Big hugs. πŸ™‚

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