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Viability week! 24 weeks down; 16 to go … and for anyone wondering, we’re nowhere close to a name yet! It was so hard to name T — I honestly think we discussed every name out there. And by “discuss,” I mean I threw out name suggestions and D shot them down because they “just didn’t feel right.” After not coming up with any suggestions of his own, in the end he finally agreed to my top pick, since he knew I loved it. At least he picked the middle name. Honestly the worst part about finding out we were having a boy was knowing how hard it would be to come up with another boy name we like! And so far our name conversations seem to be following a similar pattern. I actually do have a couple favorites, so if he doesn’t start coming up with ideas soon I’m going to be picking the name by default again — which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world (after all, I do like getting my way!), but I’d really love it if he felt strongly about a name! I’d probably agree to anything he loved, just because he loved it. But I guess we have a little more time.

At 24 weeks…

Baby: is the size of a cantaloupe now. His once translucent skin is becoming more pink and opaque. He’s still moving like crazy. T has even felt him kick a few times. Or at least I think he has. Sometimes he’ll lean on my tummy and exclaim “baby is kicking my head!” (even when baby is being perfectly still).

Mama: is starting to slow down. I just feel larger these last couple weeks and I’m noticing that while my energy level is actually pretty high, I overdo it easily. I’ve never been the type to be able to sit still, especially on weekends, my only time to really get stuff done. So after a weekend of running around nonstop I usually spend a day or two stiff and sore. Interestingly, actual exercising doesn’t wipe me out the way a day of running errands or vacuuming do — although exercise is getting progressively harder. I missed my barre class last week so we’ll see how this week goes. I’m officially resolving to make it to my class twice a week from here on out. I’m worried if I fall out of practice I simply won’t be able to pick it back up. I’m still getting that weird side cramp/stitch feeling, which I’ll be sure to bring up with my OB this week. I have a checkup Friday, and will also take the gestational diabetes test at that time. Here’s hoping my candy cravings haven’t sent me to a diabetic state!

Weight: up one pound this week, for a total gain now of 13 lbs.

Cravings: fruit and sour candy. Or fruity sour candy. I discovered these last week and they’re amazing!


24 weeks.
24 weeks.

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