Baby Theo, friends & family

Santa! I know him!

(line from Elf, in case you aren’t familiar).

Last weekend, we took Theo and his cousin Molly to see Santa at Molbak’s in Woodinville. We knew we wanted to do Santa pictures, but had been debating where to take him. Some Santas we’d seen were downright creepy, and the Nordstrom Santa, while decidedly less creepy, came with long lines and more expensive photo package prices. We’d heard that the Molbak’s Santa was authentic looking, less crowded, and had a take-your-own-photo setup. Perfect. Cheap. Low-key. And this way we could make sure we were happy with the photo.

So D’s sister, her husband and their 7 year-old daughter Molly came over to watch the Seahawks game last Sunday, and then we headed over to Molbak’s to meet Santa afterward. Molly was cute and brought an illustrated wish list to share with him, and Theo didn’t even cry. He was so fascinated with the embroidery and fur on Santa’s sleeve, though, that it was hard to get him to look at the camera!

I’m happy with the result – but is it terrible to admit I sort of wanted one of those epic Santa meldowns? I suppose next year is really when the stranger danger is in full effect.

photo 5(1)


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