Baby Theo, breastfeeding, monthly updates

Three months old.

True to form, I’m late on the monthly update. But this time I’m only six days late, so it’s getting better. At least the photo was taken on the exact day:

3monthsI can’t believe how big he is getting! And I think he is starting to look more and more like D. I am going to try to find some baby pictures of D for comparison.

Okay, here’s what’s happening at three months…

Stats: 13ish lbs. I weighed him in a very unscientific way of stepping on the scale with and without him and subtracting the numbers and I got about 13 lbs. I would have thought he would have been bigger by now, but I know the scale may not be that precise. Will be interesting to see how much he weighs next time he goes to the doctor, which I think should be around four months.

Sleeping: He actually gave us two nights in a row of sleeping through the night a couple weeks ago! And then just when I got my hopes up that this was going to be the new normal, he totally regressed. He’s now back to waking up every 3-4 hours, and we’re having some issues with the swaddle. He fusses and can’t fall asleep unless his arms are immobilized, yet he wakes himself (and consequently, us) up a few hours later, grunting and busting his arms out. It’s sort of a lose-lose situation. If I don’t swaddle him, he can’t fall asleep. If I swaddle him, he won’t stay asleep. I did some searching online and found a few recommendations for a product called the Magic Sleepsuit. It kind of reminds me of the snowsuit Randy wears in A Christmas Story. Supposedly it partially immobilizes their arms so they don’t flail around so much or wake themselves up with their reflexes. It’s $40, though, which would be worth it if it works (sleep is a glorious thing), but I’d be afraid of wasting my money if it didn’t help. I may check Craigslist, Ebay and consignment stores and see if I can find one used – less risk that way!

Eating: I’ve documented our breastfeeding struggles here and here. Thankfully, we seem to be getting into a better groove now! Theo is eating 4 to 5, 3-ounce bottles while I’m at work — usually four at daycare and one D feeds him before I get home. He’s taking a bottle great now, and I’m finally pumping enough to get him through the next day, and even usually have a couple surplus ounces I can scald and freeze. I’ll be going to a friend’s wedding in LA in October and leaving Theo home with D, so my goal is to have at least 90 ounces in my freezer stash before then. Shouldn’t be a problem at the rate I’m going now, which is a relief! T is still nursing every 2-3 hours when we’re home together, though I’ve noticed he sometimes gets a little fussy at the boob now. Hopefully he isn’t starting to get frustrated with the slower flow. Bottles tend to have a faster flow than the breast, so sometimes babies can get too used to bottles and frustrate easily when they can’t get the milk as fast from the boob. That would be just our luck! First he prefers the boob and doesn’t take a bottle, and then he prefers the bottle and won’t take a boob?! Knock on wood that’s not the direction we’re headed!

Personality: He is sooo much fun. Smiles all the time and just loves to look at everyone. He’s getting really interactive. If you smile, he’ll smile back. If you talk to him, he’ll babble back. Sometimes he’ll babble up at me while he’s breastfeeding, and it’s just the cutest thing. I tell him not to talk with his mouth full (never too early for manners!). Just the other day he scratched his head and it was the funniest. He’s been dealing with cradle cap and it must be itchy. I can’t explain it, but it’s just so cool to see little him do the most ordinary things. He gets more and more “human” every day!

Likes/Dislikes: Still loves being changed, and loves bath time too. He prefers to look around and be upright most of the time. We put him in his Bumbo chair for the first time a couple weeks ago, and he loved it! He used to love his swing, but he seems to be falling out of love with it, and I think it’s because he’s too reclined to really look around. He’ll still nap in it when he’s really tired, but forget about using it to calm him when he’s fussy. The swinging motion used to calm him right down, but now putting him in the swing while he’s fussing will make him quickly escalate from fussing to screaming. He is starting to like his crib more, even though he still doesn’t sleep in it. He likes to look up at his mobile, though, and sometimes I’ll put him in there while I hang clothes or tidy up his room. Lately he’s been going through a phase where he just wants to be held most of the time (upright, of course). He’ll fuss if you set him down, or even sit down while holding him, but if you’re standing and he’s able to look over your shoulder, he’s happy as a clam. I’ve been watching a lot of TV while standing up lately…

Mama: I’m feeling pretty much back to normal now, though I’m still nowhere near bikini ready and my weight loss seems to have stalled out at around 4-5 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. I haven’t really done much exercise, though, and hope to change that soon. It’s just so hard to find time since my workdays are long and when I’m home, I just want to spend time with my baby. I think I may start up a “Couch to 5k” program next week, though, and take Stewie running with me in the mornings on the days I work from home. I think the dogs have been feeling a little neglected lately!

That’s about all for now. I’ll wrap this up with some recent favorite photos:

Theo and his daddy in matching swim trunks.
Theo and his daddy in matching swim trunks.
2013-07-14 18.47.49
“Is that my foot?”
2013-07-15 14.20.31
All smiles.
2013-07-17 20.30.12
Talking to his great grandma.
2013-07-19 15.18.24
Business casual, pants optional.
2013-07-20 15.02.48
Sitting in his Bumbo seat.
2013-07-21 08.49.47
Sleeping like an angel.
2013-07-21 12.44.58
“Watching” the Mariners in his Bumbo seat.
2013-07-22 12.54.31
Bath time!
2013-07-22 13.15.24
Like father, like son.
2013-07-31 19.07.44
Nomming on his toy.
2013-08-03 09.46.16-2
My two sons.
2013-08-04 20.31.35
Trying out the Jumparoo.

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