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22 weeks (plus 21 week catch-up).

I have been so bad about keeping up with this blog lately! Good thing I don’t have very many readers to disappoint. I’m blaming the holidays. The last time I skipped a week was at Thanksgiving, so that sounds like a plausible story. Yeah…

Anyhoo, I am now 22 weeks along. 22 weeks and 3 days to be exact. Here’s what’s going on with baby and me…

Baby is now about 11 inches long, or the size of a spaghetti squash. Or, as one hilarious pregnancy blog puts it, he’s about 1 inch shorter than your average 12-inch ruler (snicker). I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds these fruit comparisons a little ambiguous. But wow — 11 inches of baby residing in me. That’s a crazy thought. He should weigh about a pound by now too, which sounds like a lot, but what do I blame for the other 11 pounds I’ve gained? (Don’t answer that.) Weight aside, baby has definitely been kicking more lately! And he’s kicking strong enough to feel from the outside, as D got to experience a few days ago, though it wasn’t quite the magical moment I had hoped it would be. D says that it freaks him out. I think he’s seen the movie Alien one too many times.

Mama is feeling large. See weight gain reference above. Yes, I’m now up 12 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. They say 10-15 lbs. is where I should be right now, so I know I’m right on track, but I’ll admit it’s hard to accept these numbers I’ve never seen on the scale before! I’ve gained 4 pounds in two weeks, which again, is totally normal (they say 1-2 lbs. per week is what I should be gaining), but I also know I’ve been eating a lot of junk over the holidays, in addition to simply just eating a lot, period. I’m hoping now that the holidays are over, I can keep my weight gain closer to a pound per week. No sign of stretch marks still, which all the websites and books are saying may have started appearing by now. My stomach does itch a lot, though. I have been putting coconut oil on it which seems to help, and smells good too. My belly button is getting shallower by the day. I think it may disappear altogether in a few weeks, before popping out. Not really looking forward to the whole “belly nipple” look. Better wear my fitted shirts while I still can.

In the aches and pains department, I’ve been having a LOT of sciatic nerve pain lately. Thankfully, the hip pain seems to have decreased, so at least I’m not dealing with both. I think I may try sitting on an exercise ball at work to see if that helps. Even if it doesn’t help my back, it should help keep my core strong.

In other exciting news, we just started putting together the nursery! I’ve already painted the room, we found a great glider on Craigslist, and last night I started making the curtains. Still need to get a crib, and refinish/paint the dresser we’re going to use as a changing table. It’s all starting to feel real!


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