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Puking, insomnia and snissing, oh my!

Ummm… why is it that I’m suddenly feeling VERY pregnant? Second trimester is supposed to be the honeymoon period of pregnancy, and after going a few weeks now with almost no symptoms, suddenly these last few days I’m very aware that I’m pregnant. I wish I could say it’s because I’m feeling baby move, but I’m still not really sure whether I am or not. No, this sudden awareness is all in the discomforts and undignified issues of my own body.

First of all, the morning sickness appears to be back. I mentioned on Monday that I threw up that morning, and I did yesterday and today too. I feel fine the rest of the day, so I’m not worried I have a stomach bug. I think morning sickness just decided to rear its ugly head again. Lovely.

I’m also having a harder time sleeping. I’m still waking up every 2-3 hours to pee, and I’m also getting to a point where I’m supposed to stop sleeping on my back, since the uterus is heavy enough to squash some veins and impede blood flow. Not that I was ever much of a back sleeper before, but for some reason now that I’m not supposed to, I keep waking up on my back. Last night I was sleeping on my right side when I woke up to the most horrible pain in my right hip. I had heard that your hips spread during pregnancy, and I’m wondering if this hip pain is part of that. I immediately rolled over onto my left side, but I still had shooting pains in my hip for quite a while afterward. Of course, then my left arm got sore, which made me uncomfortable on my left side, but I couldn’t roll onto my right because of my hip and couldn’t sleep on my back either.

I’m also just feeling really “full” lately, like I’m full of fluid. Well, I guess I am. I’m definitely showing more and more each day, and I’ve gotten to a point now where if I lay on my back, I can feel the full outline of my uterus in my abdomen, and it reaches all the way up to my belly button. Bending over is getting harder, and getting out of bed is almost comical. I seriously look like one of those pregnant women in cliche movies and TV shows who leads with her belly while pushing off. And I’m only 18.5 weeks! So much of this stuff I figured wouldn’t come until later in pregnancy.

Perhaps the most undignified change my body is going through happens when I sneeze. Yes, I sometimes pee just a little. The other day I was sitting cross-legged on our living room floor and I sneezed, froze and was like, ohshit. D just looked at me quizzically and I told him that I just peed myself … and not just a little. Yeah, he was thoroughly grossed out. I recently heard a great term for this sneeze-pee phenomenon: snissing. Must remember to cross legs when I sneeze … and perhaps start doing some more pelvic floor exercises.

I know I sound super complainy, but really, I just have to laugh at myself a little. I’m not even halfway done with this pregnancy, and it’s only going to get worse, so I might as well roll with it. And to be honest, after everything we’ve been through, I’m just so grateful to be pregnant, that I’ll take whatever discomforts are thrown at me, snissing included.

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