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A mother’s love.

So, I finally told my parents about our loss last Friday. I don’t know why I hadn’t told them already… maybe because we hadn’t even told them we were trying in the first place, and the only times we’ve seen them both since becoming pregnant or miscarrying has been Thanksgiving and Christmas, and other people were around and it just never felt like the right time to say, “by the way, we were pregnant… but not anymore.” I didn’t want to tell them over the phone, so I just hadn’t told them, even though it’s been eating me up since I tell them everything. Anyway, I had some time off work last week so I called them and asked if I could come over (they live about an hour away). It felt so good to spend the day with them and tell them what had happened, and they were so supportive. When I got home, I got an email from my mom telling me she was thinking about us, and that she was glad I had shared with her what happened; that she was thankful D has been so supportive for me, and that I can always count on her and my dad for support too. She said if I ever needed her, she wouldn’t hesitate to come right over.

Her note brought tears to my eyes — and still does, recalling it. If I am half the mother my mom is, I know I will be doing all right.

1 thought on “A mother’s love.”

  1. I already know that you will be a wonderful mom, and I can’t wait for you to hold your new baby and feel the same overwhelming love I felt when I held you for the very first time. The love I felt for you then is just as strong today. ♥

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